Dr. Solange Wydmusch

Dr. Solange Wydmusch is the founder and CEO of LIMEST.

  • Her market research career began at Georgiades Marketing GmbH in Berlin. She has been conducting international studies since 2000.
  • Her work focuses on qualitative studies and innovation consulting in Germany, France and Poland.
  • She has also established a European network of experts. In 2006 she implemented her plan to create a space for her individual intercultural approach to social research and opened her office in Berlin.

Dr. Wydmusch grew up in Alsace speaking several languages and gained intercultural experience as a young woman, spending long periods in other countries. She studied sociology and political science in Grenoble and Paris and embarked on an academic career, subsequently completing a further degree in Theology at the University of Strasbourg. After completing her doctorate on “Attitudes religieuses et politiques des protestants français” (The religious and political attitudes of French protestants) at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes in Paris, Dr. Wydmusch worked at various universities in France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. Her academic research focused on surveys of opinions and attitudes in France, Germany and Eastern Europe.

Dr. Wydmusch has lived and worked in Berlin since 1998.

Solange Wydmusch regularly publishes articles in various magazines and periodicals.

Dr. Wydmusch has her office in Europe‘s biggest centre for female entrepreneurs – the “Weiberwirtschaft” women’s cooperative in Berlin and she regularly collaborates on a range of international research projects with universities, companies and associations in Germany, France and Poland.




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