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Fields of work

Automotive and mobility

Car clinics, strategic product development studies, driving and handling tests, connectivity, satisfaction surveys, image studies, especially at trade fairs, after-sales surveys and new means of sales and distribution hold no secrets for us. (...more)

Beauty and Care

Through image studies, product tests, brand asset reviews, creative workshops, brand re-launches we bring cosmetics manufacturers new insights and ideas for attracting and retaining consumers.  (...more)

Convenience, shopping and specialty goods

We all spend a large part of our lives shopping and furnishing our houses. Eating, dressing and arranging our homes are activities that take up lots of our time and effort. (...more)

Organisational and enterprise consultation

Change is no longer unusual in organisations and companies, but is a recurrent phenomenon. All the processes of global change, whether they are caused by the digital revolution, mergers or planned evolution, are part of the remit of change management. (...more)


When consumers look for a specific product or buy food they attach great importance to product presentation, the atmosphere at the POS, consultation and of course price. (...more)

B2B market research

Our studies focus not just on consumers but on the B-to-B market. We have substantial experience working in the areas of industrial products, the construction sector, hand tools and implements, the chemical industry and energy, and logistics and transport...  Our work is centred on field studies and analyses of organisations. (...more)