Institut LIMEST

LIMEST has been dedicated to international social and market research for 10 years. We help everyone involved in your project to express their ideas, wishes and expectations in a jointly defined context and precisely interpret language and behaviour to make your enterprise even more effective.

We aim to establish a cooperative relationship with our clients and partners over many years. Our lean structure, international network and flexibility and transparency allow us to offer high quality for a good price.

Qualitative social research seeks to reveal fine distinctions:

  • A minute detail in your product’s design or positioning can make crucial difference in a specific market or country and have a major impact on consumers’ behaviour and brand awareness.
  • A tiny detail in the organisation of your company, department or institution can turn out to be essential to decision-making processes and reform projects.

LIMEST can sharpen your focus on these fine details while keeping an eye on the bigger picture for you.

We conduct qualitative social research studies in Germany, France, Poland and other European countries and advise on consultation, reform and innovation processes.

We are firmly anchored in the various national cultures we work in and our ability to carry out analysis in various national languages makes us highly sensitive to the tiny details that can make all the difference in consumer markets and be tipping points in organisational structures.

We operate as intercultural mediators within your organisation and between your company or institution and its customers, partners, clients and users.