Dominika Lalik

Dominika Lalik is the Chief of Qualitative Department of CEM Market & Public Opinion Research Institute.

  • She began her professional career in market research 12 years ago in CEM and she has been working in the same company ever since, consequently moving up the ladder from a telephone interviewer till the managerial position.
  • Her focus has been on qualitative research almost from the beginning of her work in CEM – she appreciates being in a direct, face-to-face contact with people and getting to know what they really think and why (which is impossible to achieve within qualitative approach).
  • Apart from all organizational responsibilities that are connected with her position in the company, she enjoys being a moderator (of individual interviews and group discussions) and an ethnographic researcher. As a straightforward and open-minded person she deals well even with the most difficult respondents, as children and high specialists.
  • International environment is a space she feels right at home. Fluent in English, she cooperates with companies and market agencies from abroad on a regular basis.
  • Dominika always knew she was a genuine humanist and that she would like to work with people in the future. That is why she chose to study sociology, later on she also decided to complete a second faculty in cultural studies, both on Jagiellonian University in Krakow. As a student she developed strong interest in politics (especially in drivers for people’s political choices and the ways political discourse is being corrupted by politicians) and the phenomenon of differences between Eastern and Western Europeans (and how they are perceived by each other). These issues have become not only the basis of her master’s theses but first of all her real passions she has been cultivating till now.

She loves being on the move. As often as possible she takes up any physical activity available at the moment, starting with fitness and swimming through cycling and hiking ending on skiing and mountain climbing. As a full-time worker and a mother of two girls she is able to find time for her passions by being very well organized and a master in planning ahead, both at work and at home.


CEM Company info

CEM, founded in 1990, is one of the oldest private research agencies in Poland. Started by a group of Jagiellonian University teachers, at the beginning it conducted mostly social and political surveys. Later on, thanks to cooperation with eminent economists, market research was introduced into the offer. Now CEM carries out both social and market research with the use of modern methods and techniques. Company’s trade mark is very close cooperation with each client at all stages of a research process. As a standard CEM offers also professional consulting for clients at the results implementation stage.