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When consumers look for a specific product or buy food they attach great importance to product presentation, the atmosphere at the POS, consultation and of course price.

Whether the POS is a shop or an online platform, it has become a crucial arena in which manufacturers compete for customers.

Market research brings shoppers, their desires and needs, preferences and frustrations, closer to those responsible for managing retail chains and retailers. Shopper studies are a crucial element of efficient, innovative retail marketing.

Ongoing globalisation makes it essential to understand the precise positioning and the image of a retail chain in its local context.

To capture the complexity of consumer behaviour at a wide range of different POS, we offer a broad spectrum of qualitative methods: mystery shopping, ethnographic observations, group discussions, interviews at the POS, satisfaction blogs, mystery shopping etc....

Drawing on our international background and many years of experience, we work directly with retail chains and as a partner in international studies, carrying out the fieldwork and analysis for one country.

LIMEST offers you:

  • an international view of the POS and insights into the local context
  • experience in "exporting" retail chains to France, Germany and Poland
  • teamwork: field work and analysis carried out by our experienced, highly qualified staff
  • many years of cooperation with retail chains and partner institutes
  • a broad portfolio of offline and online methods


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