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Beauty and Care

Through image studies, product tests, brand asset reviews, creative workshops, brand re-launches we bring cosmetics manufacturers new insights and ideas for attracting and retaining consumers.

We have experience in creating studies of men’s and women’s cosmetics, body, face and hair care products and decorative cosmetics right up to perfume. Our range of methods includes focus groups, online forums and blogs, ethnographic studies, interviews (also in-depth), blogs and semiological analyses.

Beauty and care studies have been a central part of our work for more than15 years. We work directly with cosmetics manufacturers and as a partner institute in international studies, performing fieldwork and analysis for an individual country.

Cosmetic studies need to be carried out in a specific context, so we familiarise our clients and partners with the most important features of the market we’re researching. How should the issue of skin ageing best be addressed? Do consumers want to be reminded of their problems or should only the product’s results be highlighted?

We make a point of providing our clients and partners with insights on the region and country under investigation.

LIMEST offers you:

  • years of experience in European markets, especially in Germany, France and Poland
  • international expertise in the area of cultural and social differences, which include notions of ideal beauty and care rituals
  • experienced, highly qualified staff who collaborate on the entire study, from fieldwork up to analysis
  • long-standing collaboration with cosmetics companies: carrying out of monographic studies in a range of different countries
  • close cooperation with partner institutes in international studies



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