Günther Michels

Günther Michels has been working for LIMEST since 2013.

  • He developed his research interest during his sociological studies (diploma sociologist). Throughout his studies he was an employee of a market research institute.
  • Since 2016, he has been working as a freelancer in qualitative market research and is commissioned to conduct and analyze studies in the fields of product research.
  • Günther's focus is particularly on the POS and trade fair/event sector. Capturing data, events and contexts in conversation is his strength.
  • He enriches the LIMEST team with his special eye for illustration through his journalistic work. He is an information specialist. His video and audio recordings and documentations add to the Limest team.
  • Stays in Australia and Spain consolidated his language skills in English and Spanish.

Traveling and reporting about it is also a passion of his. He runs the website www.vagabundler.com and is an editor at Feinripp Magazine.

And if there is still some time left, he is involved in the installation of new intranets at schools and universities in Ghana with the NGO Healthcare IT for Africa. There he is part of the board of directors.