[Translate to English:] Bild für die 10 Prinzipien Grashalm mit Tropfen

10 Principles

  1. Our open network structure enables us to put together the best team for each individual project.  

  2. We maintain long-standing partnerships with reputable field institutes and very carefully monitor every step in the process of recruiting testers and participants.

  3. Our pricing is transparent. We pass on costs for the field research services we purchase (recruiting, incentives, facilities, catering…) without extra charge to our clients.

  4. We carry out qualitative social research studies only in those countries in which we have sufficient research skills (France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland).

  5. All locally collected data is analysed exclusively in the language it is obtained in (French, German, Polish…). This enables us to stop subtle and possibly crucial details from being “lost in translation”.
  1. Every study report begins with core information on the local market or study context and a summary of their specific socio-cultural features.

  2. We are very familiar with local markets and monitor them from the inside, yet we are also outsiders, observing events from a certain distance. The strength of our intercultural and international approach lies in this dual perspective.

  3. Everyone involved in analysing our studies also participates in data collection, which is how we ensure that the details they observe are not lost.

  4. We always analyse as part of a team, drawing on our comprehensive network of experts from a wide range of scientific disciplines (sociology, ethnology, psychology, linguistics, communications sciences, design etc.).

  5. Whatever the language of the report we’re working on, our clients can communicate with us in their company’s working language throughout the project.