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The digital revolution means that the behaviour of consumers and clients, employees and partners is constantly changing. Social structures and markets have become more complex and the rate of change is accelerating. Each new trend follows on the heels of the last. The Internet, an infinite virtual space filled with information, work and sales activity, is contributing greatly to increasing diversification.

The multitude of products and services available, high saturation levels and immoderate expectations in terms of availability and gratification in Europe have given rise to a questioning of fundamental social values: sustainability, upcycling, minimalism, change management, pressure to reform and the work-life balance.

Qualitative social research will only be able to manage these developments if it frees itself from outdated, rigid ‘patent remedies’ and adopts more flexible methods to fit in with current events, while retaining strict scientific standards.

Our interdisciplinary network enables us to combine sociological, ethnological and psychological approaches, which gives our analysis of the verbal, written and non-verbal expressions of end customers, partners, staff and experts a greater weight and informative value.

We create a study concept tailor-made to fit in with your concerns, using the following methods individually or in combination:

  • Interviews, group discussions, triads...
  • Ethnological observations at home, in companies, at trade fairs, in department stores...
  • Online studies (forums, blogs, user comments, reviews and evaluations...)
  • Consultations in organisations and companies (online, face to face...)
  • Creativity and innovation workshops (also with consumer tests)
  • Participatory observation at trade fairs and events, in companies and department stores...
  • Qualitative long-term panels (minimum duration: 2 years)
  • Benchmarking, desk research